Happy Father’s Day

To all of you Dads out there…

Happy Father’s Day! You have been blessed with a precious gift and I truly couldn’t be more thrilled for you.  You deserve this day of celebration, and I hope you enjoy every moment with your little one(s). 

To those of you longing to add a child to your family and struggling today…

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day can be the hardest of holidays.  I have spent many of these days fighting tears in church as I watched all of the men, women and families being celebrated.  Know that I understand your pain. I promise there will be a day when these two holidays aren’t as difficult as they are today.  Try to remember that every family out there didn’t necessarily have their easy start either and that God has a great plan for you and your family.  No matter where you are in life or what you’re outcome is He WILL get you through this if you simply cling to Him.  So for those of you having a hard time today I am sharing this song that has gotten me through many rough days when I felt all alone and didn’t know what to say or how to pray.  Know that God is always near even when you can’t seem to feel His presence.    Stay strong, know you’re not alone, and that I’m praying for you. 

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. This song is one of my favorites and i listen to it as often as i can since 2 years and the more i read about you the better i feel about my struggles in getting pregnant. Father’s day and mother’s day have been indeed 2 very hard days for me and my husband since 2 years, particularly with friends and family asking us when we are planning to have kids and as irritated as i get, i still pull up a kind smile and tell them that we are not yet ready when i know that all i want is a child…

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