10 Reasons

In honor of my husband’s birthday I thought I’d post 10 reasons why I think infertility has brought us closer as a couple.

10.  He has always been honest with me even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear

9. He let me deal with things as I needed rather than pushing me in any one direction

8.  He voluntarily went through fertility testing so we would know exactly what we were dealing with

7.  He prepared my injections even though he absolutely hates needles, and everything about them

6.  He let me yell at him when I just couldn’t hold my frustrations in any longer

5.  He would always want to know what the doctor said, how an appointment went, and what things meant

4.  He would get excited when we thought it was our month, and would hold me when we found out it wasn’t

3.  He cared for me when I physically couldn’t care for myself due to side effects from fertility meds

2.  He has always loved me even when I was truly an unlovable person

1.  He has always wanted whatever God wants for our family no matter what His answer may be

I can honestly say that I am blessed with the best husband in the world.  When I mentioned starting this blog to him he didn’t seem to bat an eye.  He said if it was something I thought I should do, then I should just make sure I did it well.   Talk about an amazing, and selfless man.

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