Prayers Lifted Up

An old high school friend of mine posted some news on Facebook tonight that has really touched my heart so I’m sharing the news with you.  Mrs. Jeffrey Kocab has delivered a stillborn baby girl today.  As someone who has gone through infertility my heart broke at this news.  I don’t know Mrs. Kocab, but like any woman longing for a child I can only try to imagine the heartbreak this brings.  As I began to learn a little more of the story, I sit here here now in disbelief.  Mrs. Kocab is the wife of Officer Jeffrey Kobab, who was killed in the line of duty just a few short weeks ago on June 29, 2010.  He was only 31 years old.  I can imagine Mrs. Kocab feels as if her whole world has been taken from her.  Please lift her up in your prayers tonight, and if you would like to learn more about Officer Kocab you can go to his memorial page using the link below.

One thought on “Prayers Lifted Up

  1. Gosh…this is horrible news. This story of the two cops is all over our local news. I am devastated for his widow. Just unbelievable.

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