My Score Card – Medications & Procedures

So I haven’t really gone into much detail about what treatments I’ve been through so I thought I’d give you a brief summary for inquiring minds.  I understand everyone’s different, and whatever choices you make regarding treatments are entirely up to you and your spouse.


The Pill – I was originally placed on the pill to regulate my cycles before ttc.

Clomid – I started at 25 mg a day and reached the max at 250 mg a day.  Typically one takes Clomid days 3-7 of a cycle or days 5-9.  I have gone through the process of trying both options.  The first was starting at 25 mg and working my way up to 250 mg days 5-9 with my OB/GYN.  Then I tried days 3-7 with my RE, again starting at 25 mg and working my way up to 250 mg.

Metformin – My RE had me take 1500 mg a day my entire cycle.  I did this for 6 months before adding in Clomid (as mentioned above) on days 3-7.

FSH – I injected FSH into my stomach alternating sides while going to the RE each morning for blood work and a vaginal ultrasound. (Sorry guys, ultrasounds are not all the same.)  Then depending on the size of my follicle, my dosage was increased until the follicle reached proper size.

HCG – I injected HCG into my buttocks once the follicle was proper size in order to ovulate.

Provera/Prometrium – I’ve taken both of these which are both Progesterone.  I have taken them both orally, and the “fun” way.


Too many rounds of blood work, physical examinations, vaginal ultrasounds, and regular ultrasounds to count.

My husband also got his full set of tests done.

HCG – For those of you that don’t know this is having a dye injected into your tubes to be sure they are clear.  For those of you that haven’t done this, be sure to take the heavy dose of Advil (or other pain medication).  I forgot, and paid for it.  I’m also blessed with being allergic to the dye, so I got to take 8 Benadryl pills before the test. Talk about being loopy.


Tracking my temperature

Ovulation sticks

Tracking my mucus

Charting for ovulation

3 IUIs (I began a 4th IUI cycle, but my body quit responding to the FSH…more about that will come in a future post.)

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