2010 Top Infertility Blog Award

I checked my email the other day, and here’s what I found…

“Fresh Conceptions was determined to be one of the best blogs to exude overall brilliance, and received the 2010 Top 40 Infertility Blogs award presented by Medical Billing and Coding and Blogging Awards.”

Medical Billing

I have no idea how they came across my blog, but I clicked a link in the email to more information and this is what I found.

  • “There are so many medical issues out there that people are dealing with and blogging about, that we would love to recognize what they are doing. They blog because it is their passion, but we feel that not only are they pouring out their heart as they blog, they are comfortable enough to let the rest of the world know if they are dealing with a disease or health complication. And we appreciate their boldness. So we teamed up Blogging Awards with Medical Billing and Coding to create these recognition awards.
  • Awards candidates are selected based upon the quality of their web content they choose to put onto their blog.
  • The list of nominated websites is then filtered to ensure each met specifications. After filtering, the list of award candidates are then scored by our panel of 5 judges. Each judge rates each blog across 20 different attributes providing it with a ‘subjective’ score. These ratings are combined into an aggregate, and the aggregates of the 5 judges are averaged to give the blog its final rating.
  • The ratings are then compared, and awards are given out to blogs in the 99% percentile (meaning the top 1% of blogs receive awards).”

Needless to say I was a bit surprised.  I’m still amazed how many people have come across and been touched by my simple blog.  I receive emails from friends saying they referred a friend to it, strangers commenting about how my story has helped them in their journey with infertility, and constant reminders of just how many people struggle with trying to conceive a child.  It just reminds me how God can use something we think is so negative and turn it into a positive (no pun intended).  It’s definitely not anything I have done to deserve this attention, it’s all Him, and I’m just thankful to everyone for letting me share my story, and for supporting me along the way.

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