Fresh Conceptions Teams Up With Fertility Authority

I’m convinced God has a master plan for both the good and the bad that comes along with life.  A few weeks ago I learned my government contract was cut, and it was time to look for something new.  It all came as quite a surprise, but I’ve seen God work through trials before so I knew He would do the same now.  As I began submitting my resume to places, I received an email asking if I would like to blog for Fertility Authority.  Blogging professionally is something I’ve been interested in since starting Fresh Conceptions, and to be asked to professionally blog about my journey with infertility really blew me away.  After a quick phone call last week to iron out the details, I’m excited to say that I’m officially joining the team of bloggers on

My blog and first post will be published this Wednesday, and there’s no way of describing this opportunity except to say it’s a God thing.  I will have a new post published each Monday and Wednesday, will be choosing the topics I want to write on, and will continue to share how God has revealed Himself through infertility.  The only major change with Fresh Conceptions is that the brand will be expanding to, and when I have a new post I will let you know by offering a brief preview here with a direct link to read more.

Please continue to follow Fresh Conceptions, and show your support as I join forces with Fertility Authority.  You will have the opportunity to comment on my professional blog, and share the link to my posts with others.  If you haven’t subscribed to Fresh Conceptions, then this is the perfect time to do so.  Simply enter your email in the subscription area found in the right column of this page so you can receive an email each time a new post is available. I truly can’t thank you enough for your thoughts, prayers, comments and support.  I seriously wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, and I’m excited to see God move through this new opportunity.

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