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Finding the Positive in Infertility

June 13, 2011

My new post, “Finding the Positive in Infertility” is now available on  Feel free to check it out, leave a comment, or share it using any of the social media options available on that site.  

Sneak Peak: 

June 11, 2009, is a day I will never forget. It started out just like any other. I went to work, came home and was greeted by my chocolate lab. The only difference was: for the first time I was not able to say hello back. I had developed an excruciating pain in my back and couldn’t move. I couldn’t take my dog downstairs for our normal walk around the neighborhood. I couldn’t get up to feed her. And I couldn’t get to my phone to call my husband. I was stuck sitting straight up in a chair … not able to move my neck, back or stand.” Read More


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