When Dreams Come True — My Infertility Miracle

In 2007 my husband and I began our journey into parenthood, and like most couples, we didn’t expect it would lead us down the road of infertility.

After I was diagnosed with PCOS, we went through infertility treatments until my body gave out in 2010. I ended up in the hospital, and we were told we’d never conceive since I could no longer take the medication needed to help me ovulate.  

We then tried adoption, but when the doors to both international and domestic adoption were closed, I was heartbroken.

These last five years have been some of the most difficult and challenging years of my life, but at the same time, they have grown me in ways I never imagined were possible. Through it all I never knew what God’s ultimate answer would be, but with time, I found contentment in trusting Him.

I always knew God could do anything, but after so much time had passed, I realized I needed to fully trust my life to Him and accept His plan regardless of the outcome.

I finally accepted not being a mom, and moved on to encourage others in their battle with infertility. God showed me through this process that He could use my journey for good, and it didn’t matter what happened next, as long as I trusted Him with it all.

Little did I know that God was waiting for me to wholeheartedly release my desire to Him so He could not only use my story to touch others, but also bring them hope in knowing He’s still in the miracle business. 

As part of my infertility issues, I have irregular cycles and often go months before starting a new one. In January 2012, I began developing short sharp pains in my lower abdomen. 

On February 10, I went in for what seemed to be a routine ultrasound for a painful cyst, but when the technician began, she discovered a baby.

My first words after learning I was pregnant was “that’s not funny”.

These were the first words out of my mouth when God revealed His miracle, and to be honest, I kind of like that.

Only God has a way of taking our biggest trials, and turning them around so only He receives the glory.

In all honesty, I’m still trying to wrap my head around this sweet miracle. But there on the monitor was our child with a strong heartbeat. I’m so thankful God allowed me to discover my baby this way because I received an ultrasound picture the same day. It’s a tangible reminder that this is now my reality, and it is not a dream just in my heart.

For this is the child I have prayed for, cried over, dreamed of, begged God for, and released back to Him. I am in awe, and so incredibly thankful.

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