Discovering Purpose In Infertility

You’ve heard me say it before, but infertility is a personal battle that challenges you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It tests your marriage, friendships, and faith. Even after reaching the other side, you’re often left with scars that may never fade away.

Enduring hardship is not fun, but is often accompanied by growth and provides lessons usually not learned any other way. It often takes something of value removed from our control for us to acknowledge how little power we have over life. It’s then that we search for a purpose in our pain, and try to cling to anything within grasp to help get us through.

For me, infertility helped me realize I was focusing more on becoming a mom than I was on trusting God. I had a hard time appreciating the good in life and was blinded by what was missing. I found that it wasn’t until I let go of my dream that I finally found the peace I was so desperately needing.

The truth is that no matter how fragile we may feel, if we put our trust in God, He can provide us with a strength that is far greater than ourselves. If we focus on Him instead of our current circumstance, we find our prayers and hearts beginning to change. If we seek God for purpose and allow Him to work, we will usually discover He is already there, working behind the scenes, and in ways we never knew were possible.

As soon as I stopped focusing on myself, God revealed a whole world of people longing to know they’re not alone and just waiting to be encouraged. They needed to know that whatever infertility was throwing at them, God could see the big picture and had not abandoned them. They needed to be reminded that we may not always understand how or why something is happening, but if we put our trust in God, there can still be purpose found in hardship. And it’s in these moments that we finally open our minds, allow God to refine us, and draw near to Him as He walks us into the unknown.

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